НИПУ – Юридическая практика
LLC (OOO) NIPU - Legal Practice
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Creditors’ interest intermediation
Representation of interests of debtor companies
Business reorganization
Services provided to builders
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• Claims activities. Maintenance of the pretrial dispute settlement procedures.

• Familiarization and analysis of court cases, preliminary consultation, preparation of word-of-mouth recommendations for the client.

• Preparation of documents for court proceedings (statements of claim, of security for a claim, statements of defense, complaints, petitions, etc).

• Clients’ interest intermediation and protection of their rights in the court of arbitration in the following categories of cases:

- debt enforcement and imposing civil penalties on the debtor, including insolvency (bankruptcy);

- invalidation of deals (contracts);

- conclusion, amendment and dissolution of contracts;

- compensation of damages (losses);

- ownership and other rights to real estate;

- vindication of property from unlawful possession;

- disputes arising from building contracts;

- intra-corporate disputes as well as disputes among shareholders and other business owners;

- disputes with public authorities, challenging their resolutions and acts. Cash refund from the budget.

• Appeals against acts:

- in the appeals instance;

- in the cassation instance;

- in the supervisory instance.

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