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Services provided to builders

* Execution of documents for joining a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) of Builders;

* Sales of ready construction firms authorized to work in three fields:

- Constriction works;

- Design; and

- Engineering survey.

The final result of our work us a formal certificate authorizing the SRO to engage in necessary types of works.

The cost of entry to an SRO (membership and entry fees, payments to the indemnification fund, liability insurance and service fees) amounts to 390,000 rubles. This sum consists of:

* 300,000 rubles of a contribution to the Indemnification fund (in conformity with the effective legislation);

* 50,000 rubles of an entry fee;

* 40,000 rubles of an annual membership fee (payable quarterly in the amount of 10,000 rubles); and

* 30,000 rubles of a document execution fee.

Legalization of the documents takes ten working days.

List of documents necessary for the obtainment of an SRO membership certificate:

* The Articles and the Certificate of Incorporation or the Creation Decision (notarized copy);

* The Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities (INN KPP) (notarized copy);

* The Registration Certificate (OGRN) (notarized copy);

* The Disclosure Notice from Rosstat (Statistics) (notarized copy);

* The extract from the Uniform State Register (notarized copy);

* The Minutes (resolution) on the CEO appointment (copy authenticated by the company seal);

* Copies of the effective licenses, certificates and diplomas (notarized copies);

* Data on occupational qualifications of managers and specialists (diplomas, certificates, efficiency reports) (copies authenticated by the company seal);

* The company card (company details, contact information);

* Documents on the company’s original creation and on the appointment of its current CEO. Minutes (resolution) + an ordinance on the appointment of the CEO to his position by virtue of the aforementioned Minutes (resolution);

* Documents confirming registration of amendments in the Company, which are and are not subject of entry in the Founding Documents. Copies of all Minutes (resolutions) of founders’ meetings from the date of creation to the present day;

* Company details (in free format);

* Personnel qualification data across the Company;

* Technical basis report;

* The list of accomplished works (with specification of sites) and comments on them;

* The list of planned sites (with detailed specification of their addresses);

* The rental agreement matching the physical address.

All other documents (petitions, forms, certificates, etc) will be prepared by our specialists. You need only to acquaint yourself with the prepared materials and sign them for submission by our representative to a Self-Regulatory Organization.

We represent interests of the Company throughout the process of its admission to an SRO and the authorization of accesses. Our consultants will familiarize you with terms and cost of joining SROs and will help pick the most appropriate one. You may receive answers to your questions concerning types of works, access obtainment and joining a SRO by calling us at +7 (495) 748 0 749

We provide services on purchasing operational construction firms with an SRO access to one or several types of works.

“NIPU – Legal Practice” offers detailed information on ready firms with an SRO access.

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