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Representation of interests of debtor companies

NIPU Legal Practice offers the following comprehensive et of legal services for the protection of interests of debtor companies against actions of creditors (including unfair ones):

* working out a defense strategy including measures aimed at preventing bankruptcy and minimization of losses associated with a possible institution of bankruptcy procedures;

* representation of interests of a debtor company in the court of arbitration;

* preparation of documents necessary for the initiation of voluntary insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures;

* drafting a plan of measures to carry out bankruptcy procedures;

* selection of a candidate for the position of insolvency manager upon the institution of insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings. Working out a legal proposition in the processing of complaints against action/inaction of the insolvency manager and appeals to dismiss the insolvency manager;

* collection of accounts receivable;

* participation in talks with debtor s debtor and creditor companies;

* analysis of debtor companys financial and economic activities;

* drafting a Conclusion concerning existence of traces of premeditated (fraudulent) bankruptcy of the debtor company;

* taking inventory of debtor companys property;

* representation of interests of founders and employees of debtor companies during creditors meetings. Preparation and legal support in processing petitions seeking invalidation of resolutions of creditors meeting (committee);

* preparation and dispatch of requests for tracing debtors assets and funds to government authorities, commercial institutions and individuals;

* control over the performance of the insolvency administrator, and over the fulfillment by debtors insolvency manager of his duties in compliance with the Federal Law On Insolvency (Bankruptcy) as well as legal assessment of the performance of the insolvency manager.


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