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Legal protection of business

* legal evaluation of reliability of organizational and legal structure against aggressive and unfriendly takeover of the business (company due diligence);

* legal support, planning and arrangement of a legally efficient way of behavior during inspections by supervising authorities;

* assistance in the organization and conduct of talks during conflicts resolution;

* settlement of disputes between business owners;

* prevention of malpractice with shares and stakes;

* legal analysis and practical assistance in preparation of the company inner paperwork meeting standards of business protection from external threats;

* lodging of judicial appeals against unlawful actions of state bodies;

* participation in arbitration, civil, administrative or criminal court proceedings as well as in other events aimed to halt the development of an unfavorable situation around the company, its CEOs and owners. It is necessary to be capable of assessing the situation timely and properly. The majority of problems could be solved or prevented, provided with a timely understanding of what is happening you turn to professionals.

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